www.theentrancemantra.com has created a document, regarding the privacy policy, because we emphasize in protecting the privacy of the data, and to saty committed to our act. The Internet is exposed to lots of data privacy thefts. We hereby, undertake the responsibility of acquiring, storing and disseminating information for our own concerns, and it wouldn’t be applicable to any other companies owned by Shanti Priya trust.

  • We may require your personal details, at the time of registration with our institution. A student will have to fill-out his name, Address, Mobile Number, Parent’s name & Number. The information provided by the student, at the initial registration is for the purpose of contact and verification, to develop an established relationship with our company.
  • A cookie is a small data file that certain websites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you have visited. A cookie can contain information you supply yourself. A cookie can’t read data of your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. theentrancemantra.com uses cookies to track user traffic patterns, permissions and for personalization.
  • Some of the information is been collected, while we message our clients or receive their mails. Some information is been attached to the web servers, internet protocol, for authenticating the log-in process. Thus, Privacy of the data is assured during our interaction with our students, as the cookies uniquely identifies different students online.
  • Data Privacy and Confidentiality is applicable, to the extent of the data stored and provided at theentrancemantra.com. We are not responsible for any breach of Privacy, caused due to, any other sites on the search results.
  • We undertake the responsibility of using personal details and information, of our clients for productive purposes, authenticating and authorizing log-in procedure. The personal information(name, address, phone number) is purely kept for the purpose of further improvement of services and improve the working of our website. The students can be asked to provide further information, for modifying/updating the recorded data, but cannot be asked to share their details, apart from the working of theentrancemantra.com
  • Data provided can be shared with the third-parties, if the user requests or authenticates it, for completion of a transaction, network storage and data analysis, compliance with rules, laws and regulations.
  • Any information which is been shared, by the clients, which allows others students to access it publicly, such as an online post, comment or review, etc., we are not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any publicly shared information.
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